How to Make Shrimp Stock

I believe I’ve been open enough with you about my wanting to maybe one day blog full time. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my job (most parts of it) and the people (for the most part) I work with. There are many days when I do come home from work proud of myself for what I was able to do and what I am able to do. But then, there are many more days when I feel like I am simply dragging half of me in the name of a paycheck. I guess being in the same industry for twenty plus years can do that to you. The thing is, I am very close to being able to make the jump. Almost there but not quite. And I am not only talking about the financial aspect of the decision which, of course, is a very important consideration in these type of decisions, but also the fear factor, the uncertainty of such a major change. Would readers keep coming back to my blog? Would my traffic continue to increase? These are just some of the plaguing questions that keep me on a standstill. I am hungry but do I want to be foolish?

After 2-½ years of Kawaling Pinoy and its incremental milestones. I am as lost in this whole blogging thing as the day I first started. I’ve been reading countless books to improve my craft, learning as much as I can. One book I am currently reading is by Gary Vaynerchuck-Crush it! Why Now is the Time to Cash in on your Passion. I really, really urge you to read this book! So inspirational!

It’s time to live your passion-to do something you’re pumped up about and enjoy. Instead of just earning a living doing something you tolerate, harness your passion and do something great.

So what does this long-winded talk have to do with shrimp stock? In the book, the author suggests that to be successful in your passion, you need to determine the specialty you love and build a reputation as an expert in that field by creating high quality, useful content. I’ve always envisioned Kawaling Pinoy to be your go-to site for all your homecooking needs, your resource for all Filipino and Asian-inspired recipes. I want to cook dinakdakan for dinner tonight, let me check Kawaling Pinoy, that kind of thing. I know, lofty dream, big feat. It will take a lot of hard work and diligent learning on my part to achieve that level of trust but there are just things in life, you gotta give your best shot. Do you know I carry a small notebook with me all the time? I’ll be in the loo (ok, gross!) and I’ll be like, jotting down short notes and ideas for my next post or recipe or how I can improve the site. On one of these aha moments, I thought of adding an how-to section! You know, a section devoted to simple tutorials and kitchen hacks. I have a few in the archive and will be adding more in the months to come. I am super excited, yo!

Here a couple of delicious ways to use this rick shrimp stock:

  • Pancit Palabok-the life of this noodle dish depends on top-notch shrimp sauce!
  • Ginisang Upo at Hipon-we all know peeled shrimps don’t carry as much flavor in dishes as their in-shell counterpart. Give this sauteed vegetable dish a boost by adding a cup of stock!

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