Pineapple Pork Ribs

Looking for a zesty dinner recipe? These tasty pineapple pork ribs are sweet, tangy, and perfect for the entire family to enjoy!

I thawed a pack of baby back ribs Saturday night with plans to cook Loslos for today’s lunch. Crunchy breaded ribs, steamed rice, and ketchup…I was so looking forward to a fantastic meal.

And then, of course, I opened my pantry and boo-hoo! I only had about an inch of oil left, definitely not enough for deep-frying. Don’t ya just hate it when that happens?

I debated about doing a quick run to the grocery store but in the end, I decided to prepare the meat freestyle and just threw in whatever handy ingredients I had into the pot. Yey! Thank God for creativity because these pineapple pork ribs were the bomb!

I was pleasantly surprised how something I just winged turned out so good. The fall-off-the-bone tender ribs smothered in a sweet and tangy sauce are sure to be a dinner favorite.

I initially made the recipe using pork ribs but have since tried other cuts of meat and had equally delicious results.

For maximum flavor, choose parts such as pork shoulder which has plenty of fat and tough tissue that makes it ideal for braising or hocks which has a good combination of fatty skin, bones, and flesh that cooks low and slow into melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.

Cooking tips

  • As the packing liquid will be added to the marinade, choose pineapple chunks canned in juice and not heavy syrup lest the dish turns overly sweet.
  • Cut the baby back ribs into pieces between the bones. Make sure to cut into uniform thickness so they’ll cook evenly.
  • Pan-fry the potatoes to help them keep shape when finished off in the stew.
  • I like to add the pineapple tidbits early on as they caramelize during the low and slow cooking time and naturally sweeten the dish.

How to serve

  • Serve for lunch or dinner with steamed rice or noodles and a vegetable side dish such as this crispy okra.
  • To store leftovers, cool completely and transfer into airtight containers or resealable bags. Refrigerate for up to 3 days or freeze for up to 3 months.
  • To reheat, place in a wide pan and heat over low heat to an internal temperature of 165 F. Alternatively, microwave on HIGH at 2 to 3-minute intervals until warmed through, stirring well between intervals.

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